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Long Lines by FunkeMedia

Photo cred: @FunkeMedia

Long Lines

Downtown - Sioux City, IA



The Sioux City Municipal Auditorium, known as the Long Lines Auditorium for sponsorship reasons, is a multi-purpose facility in Sioux City, Iowa. The fifth in a line of major indoor venues built in Sioux City, it was designed by Knute E. Westerlind in 1938 and finally completed after many delays in 1950. In the building's original form, it was an arena that seated up to 3,500 people. In 2003, the building was replaced by the Tyson Events Center, built around the northeast corner of the Municipal Auditorium. The building was then converted to its current use as a recreation center, though much of the exterior was preserved and retained the Auditorium name on the building.



The Long Lines Auditorium offers the perfect space for volleyball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, pickleball, and special events! Managed by the SYA, the former Sioux City Municipal Auditorium is a renovated historic gym space offering upgraded seating, floor, and the new Coca-Cola Lounge.



The building is rich in details, including relief sculptures of stylized Native Americans on the northern exterior and a number of terra cotta panels on the southern exterior, each depicting a person involved in a sporting or musical activity.

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